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19 Secrets

These 3 quotes have changed my life over the past 23+ years. You might want to write them down. “If they won’t treat you right,they won’t teach you right.” “A man can’t rule you with equal knowledge.” “You want for your brother what you want for yourself.” 19Secrets.com     One of the secrets is…
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The Keys To Happiness And Wealth (Video)

The Keys To Happiness And Wealth on Black Wealth Empowerment Live
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3 Ways Trump Is Good For Black People

Trying to find ways that Trump will be good for Black America might seem a far stretch for most black folks. But if we leave the realm of emotionalism and enter the mind of objectivity we’ll have a better chance. On the surface it looks bad. And it will be bad. Some to a greater…
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Historic Black-owned bank saved from closure

Bank’s new owners bring international business skills CHICAGO—The old adage of “Buy Black’ is taking on a cousin slogan according to the new owners of the Illinois Service Federal Savings and Loan (ISF Bank). The saying, Kweku Nduom said, “it’s time to Bank Black.” Nduom is one of two brothers, who along with their parents…
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Black women-owned firms grew in 2012

The number of businesses owned by Black women grew dramatically from 2007—the beginning of the Great Recession—through 2012, when it ended. But the businesses recorded the largest decline in average sales, compared with companies owned by White, Asian, Hispanic and Native American women. To reach its conclusions, the Center for Global Policy Solutions, which is…
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