Darrell Muhammad

3 Ways Trump Is Good For Black People

Trying to find ways that Trump will be good for Black America might seem a far stretch for most black folks. But if we leave the realm of emotionalism and enter the mind of objectivity we’ll have a better chance.

On the surface it looks bad. And it will be bad. Some to a greater degree than others. How we prepare for what is to come will lesser or increase how bad it will be for us and those we love.

We have to always look for the “Silver Lining” in everything. The good(God) in everything. Especially that which we expect to be bad. The bible says “All things work together for good…….according to His purpose”. Now we’re going to have to put that into practice.

You’ve heard the saying “When life throws you lemons make lemonade”. Well it’s that time now!!

Donald Trump is going to knock us up side our heads. Literally(Pt. #2 in his New Deal for Black America) and figuratively.  He’s going to knock some sense back into our heads. That’s good because we need to get some sense back into our heads. It’s just unfortunately it requires us to get it knocked.

But that’s OK if we look at it right. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it like this “Every knock is a boost”.

3 Ways Trump is good for Black People

Force Us “Back to Basics”

What are the basics that has proven historically that got us through the most difficult times in America? We have to stop unnecessary spending. We have to be very selective in our spending. The key here is “unnecessary”. Is that flat screen necessary? That’s a simple Yes or No question.

If we are successful in not spending when we don’t have to then we’ll be able to do the next thing. Hold on to our money. I know we live in a credit society but cash is still king. You and your family need that money more than the merchants of the world. If we’re expecting the worse from Donald Trump then cash will be more useful than a flat screen. When he implement his New Deal for Black America these things won’t help us.

Those that are money wise understand that life has seasons and how you spend money has to reflect those seasons. When they expect events that will affect them negatively they don’t spend money unwisely. They don’t waste money on luxuries. So we have to do the same. Stop spending money on luxuries. Save your money and when the threat passes and/or investment opportunities present themselves you take advantage of them.

Getting back to the basics will put us in the same position as “Big Momma”.  Big Momma had little to no education but always had money when the children came to her for help.

Force US to be more resourceful

Besides getting back to basics we have to be more resourceful. Whatever money we have we must make the most of it. We don’t have a shortage of resources we just have shortage of resourcefulness.

The thing that will help us with being more resourceful is our willingness to be better stewards. God has promised us if we’re faithful over little and He will make us faithful over much. We all have money and gifts that we can make better use of. One of my mentors said: “Don’t look at what you don’t have. Look at what you do have to get what you don’t have”.  If we do this then we will realize we have all we need already.

The fact of the matter is that black people are rich. But how rich are we? Black America has a spending power of $1.1 trillion dollars. That would make us the 9th richest country in the world. You mean to tell me that out of 196 countries in the world we are the 9th richest? 187 countries have less money than black people. They have their own schools, hospitals, educational system, trade and commerce. Think about that for a minute(pause). Yes!!!  Then why are we around here begging America for help?

We make a big mistake asking God for more. Until we are better stewards we need to stop asking God for more. What are you doing with your part of $1.1 trillion?

Force US to depend on God & Ourselves

If we are going to make it through the Trump Presidency successfully then we need to stop “Relying” on the gov’t and others to do for us what can and will have to do for ourselves. Prior to integration and Civil Right we had over 60 independent black cities that were self sufficient. Back then we didn’t have a choice so we had to depend on God and ourselves.

We have to believe in our actions that we have the “Power within” to not just survive but prosper.

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